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Industri Verktøy is a well-managed company with strong internal routines and reporting procedures, which contributed to an efficient sales process. It was an open and transparent dialogue between seller and buyer through the whole process, resulting in a mutual trust between the two parties.

Anders Aasheim, Senior Advisor
Saga Corporate Finance

Saga Corporate Finance advised the owners of Industri Verktøy in the sale to Indutrade AB

Industri Verktøy AS was established in 1980 by Johan Stuhr jr. The company was one of the first in Norway to start selling diamond cutting equipment to the building- and construction industry. The company is located at Midtun, 10 km outside Bergen city centre.

Indutrade is an international industrial conglomorate selling technical components and solutions. In 2015, Indutrade reported revenues of approximately 11,9bn SEK. Indutrade grows primarily through acquisitions of sound and strong niche companies.

Saga Corporate Finance has been the advisor to the owners of Industri Verktøy AS in the sale to Indutrade AS.

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  • Commissioned by: Industri Verktøy Holding AS
  • Assigment: Sales mandate
  • Industry: Specialty wholesale
  • Number of employees: 7


Revenue (MNOK)
  • 36
  • 35
  • 42
  • 41

Industri Verktøy AS is a specialty wholesaler of equipment to the building- and construction industry